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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Romance of Science

My nephew recently wrote an article that he presented on KQED radio this morning. His topic is titled "The Romance of Science". It's exciting to hear my nephew speak about this topic and the intrigue not only of Love, but the LOVE of Science and the love of learning. With 3 daughters in public schools in California I'm keenly aware of the quality of education they get and how certain (few) teachers are able to raise the level of wonder and make learning exciting. I would not only agree with my nephew but also support the notion that learning and the on-going love of learning is something we should instill in our children and require out of our teachers. I am frustrated when I hear my child had a day of movie watching at school - especially when the movies are not even documentaries or 'learning' quality but some cartoon that was shown to give the teachers a break and entertain the children. This is where my taxes are going?

Take a listen to my nephew's oration. I'm vastly proud of my nephew, who went through some of the best public schools in the area and graduated from UC Berkeley (which I personally think is a tougher school than Stanford). http://www.kqed.org/epArchive/R811250737

Happy listening!

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