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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

In mid-2007 I was given the great opportunity to "retire" from a company I grew up with, having worked there for 24 years straight out of college. I have a B.A. in Asian Art, but that didn't pay well back then. So I took two more years to get a B.S. in Computer Science, and that landed me a job at a high tech company, let's just say where some of the Happiest People worked. During my 24 years at "Happy People" company, I met my husband, had three children, and made many lifelong friends. It was a great stint.

But it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be given the chance to be released of my golden handcuffs. And in a way, it was like being released from a lifetime sentence for good behavior. I was free to explore the many possibilities of what I truly wanted to do (translation: while a degree in Comp Sci did pay the bills and act as match.com for me, I never really felt it was a hand-in-glove fit; my true passion and inclination has always been in more of a creative and artistic nature). I took a full year off in mid-2007 to complete a whole-house remodel. Now I am in a position, similar to when I graduated from college, of exploring my options and determining where my next path will take me. Only this time I have a husband and three children in tow as I explore.

I have had pangs of wondering whether I should have stayed employed, especially during times like these where the stock market knows no other direction but down and college bills are looming. Those pangs are only because it was so comfortable to stay in a job that paid well. Deep down I have always known the job that I did for half my life was not truly fulfilling. It didn't fulfill my soul. So I realize what I have right now is an enormous gift, a gift to explore my true passion and get a second chance to find my way through the maze of opportunities, and my own internal reflections on what DO I really want to do next? It is actually lucky to be free to move out of something that really didn't fit me.

I have some exciting prospects right now that are coming close to fruition. I have to say it's been wonderful to explore this with a great friend who is also my partner-in-blogging. We are at different stages in the parenting game, but we are together in this next phase of exploring our creative paths.

Stay tuned as we continue in our journey and kick-start our new venture.

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