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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Years Resolution List

Goodbye 08, hello 09. It is that time of year again when we go through the ritual of creating New Years Resolutions Lists. Instead of resolving to do the usual, general things like exercise more, eat healthier, get rid of the clutter, blah, blah, blah.... I am going to try and do more specific things this year. Here is what I've come up with so far....

1. Keep blogging. I'm surprised at how much I enjoy being a blogger. I find writing about what is going on in my life kind of cathartic. Even though I'm not sure who is reading this, it feels good to put these stories out into the blogosphere and hopefully it resonates with some of you.
2. Master the teaser in Pilates. If you're familiar with Pilates then you know that this is a tricky move to complete. I can do a sloppy version of it. In 09, I'm going to perform the teaser smoothly and effortlessly.
3. Break 700 on Wii Fit hula hoops. I love the Wii Fit and I especially love the hula hooping game. My sister recently got to 732, so the competition is on!
4. Ski moguls without traversing the entire mountain. I resolve to pick my mogul path and ski straight down. No more stopping to find the smallest mound--it is time to bite the bullet and go for it!
5. Make my kids laugh more. They roll their eyes a lot when I sing or dance around the house but I know they are laughing inside. I think it is good to set the example that it is o.k and fun to act silly sometimes.
6. Swim in our pool at least once a week this summer. I love swimming, I grew up with a pool in my backyard and enjoyed many a summer day splashing around. But for some reason, as an adult, I just don't get in the pool that much. I think the main reason is I like the water to be at least 82 degrees. I realize I need to get past this desire to have my pool as warm as my bath and just get in there and have some fun. My kids always ask me to swim with them and I always come up with some excuse-not this year!
7. Hone my archery skills. My son received a bow and arrows for Christmas and has really taken an interest in archery. I went with him last weekend to the archery range and realized that I too enjoyed the sport. I had flashbacks to my days in Girl Scouts. My training at camp Wahanaha served me well and I did better than I thought I would. I just have to work on keeping my elbow out of the way--I have some awful bruises from hitting it with the string--darn these double jointed arms of mine.
8. Teach my dog Lulu a new trick. She's got sit and shake down like a show dog and I know that roll-over, stay and lay down are in the cards for her in 09.
9. Find part-time professional fulfillment. I love being a SAHM but I've come to realize that I want to be a part of the working world on a part-time, fits into my schedule, still be home for the kids basis. Is that too much to ask? Some may scoff at the notion of meeting these requirements but I've got some irons in the fire and ideas are brewing. And best of all I have a terrific friend who is joining me in this journey.
9. Plan more activities with girlfriends. Get ready g-friends, I'm going to be calling you a lot this year. I'm ready to plan "we" time. We can get our nails done, we can go out for cocktails, we can go to the movies, we can go for hikes, we can go shopping.....you name it, I'm ready to do it!
10. Go on more mystery dates with my husband. We started having mystery dates (where one person plans the evening and doesn't tell the other what we'll be doing until we get there) last year and it fell to the wayside. We've gone out and played pool, we've gone to the drive-in, and have even taken salsa dance lessons. In 09 I vow to bring the mystery date back! Who knows what fun is in store for us?

So that is it. I'm ready to have a great year with my friends and family--- one full of fun, laughs, adventure, and growth.


  1. Your New Year's list is like most people's life list. What are you thinking? I can only do 400 on Hula hoops, so you go. LOL I only do it when no one is home because I look so stupid. Can't do a real hoola hoop.

    My resolution (that's right, ONE) is to get my health back in order. And maybe give up coffee. At least the expensive stuff.

  2. Good for you! I bet you'll accomplish all of your goals, with the exception of beating your sister in hula hoops!

    I'm now on to the 6 minute routine. How anyone gets passed this, I'm unsure as upon completion I always feel I may pass out. My record is 1915 and I challenge you to beat me. Maybe add that to your list as well?


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