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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tahoe Christmas

While my blogging partner has been off traveling in Europe with her family, my family and I have been enjoying our own piece of winter paradise--Tahoe. We headed up to my aunt and uncle's cabin the day after Christmas. How long we would stay was up in the air. We decided we would just play it by ear. While we always have a great time there, I wasn't sure how long we would last and whether or not cabin fever would set in. I worried that my kids would miss all their Christmas goodies that they left at home, that they would get tired of the snow and that being together day in and day out would get a little tiresome for everyone (is that terrible to admit?).

To my delight, we stayed for a week and had a terrific time. I think what made it so much fun was that not only were we enjoying each other's company but we also enjoyed the company of others. We had friends come up and stay with us for two nights, we met up with 6 families at Northstar for a very enjoyable and boisterous evening out (16 kids and 11 adults), and we rang in the new year playing Rock Band with dear friends and family. And in addition to all of that we were able to get in 5 days of skiing--one of which was without the kids (thank you Tante!). All and all it was a very social and extremely fun week!

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