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Monday, February 9, 2009

I've Got a New Addiction

It's not to drugs or alcohol, it's not to shoes or work out clothes (o.k., maybe workout clothes), it is to something I never thought would happen to me.....I'm addicted to blogging.  Isn't that crazy and geeky?  I never thought I'd utter those words but it is true.  I truly enjoy putting these little anecdotal stories about my life out into the blogosphere for the world to read (maybe not the world, but someone  is looking and it's not just me).  

I'm beginning to think it is a problem because I can't seem to walk by my computer without writing a few sentences or typing in ideas of possible topics.  My kids are starting to wonder why mommy is always in front of her computer. I'm finding I can't even just sit and watch my favorite television programs without having my laptop in my lap.  This is impacting my ability to follow plot lines and the shows I enjoy require their viewers to pay attention.  I mean I'm lost watching Lost!  I don't know who the heroes are anymore when I watch Heroes.  And the addiction has grown to where I am now writing for another blog (SV Moms) and I'm also reading other people's blogs.   I'm even posting comments (this is a hint to you, dear reader).  

Maybe I need to designate certain times of the day as "blog time" or "computer time."  Maybe I need to put time limits on myself like I do with the kids and their video games.   Who am I kidding,  I'm not that good at enforcing their time limits, I'm sure I'll be even more lenient with myself.  I guess it's worth a try.  You gotta start somewhere......

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