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Monday, March 30, 2009

Koa, why are you smiling?

The article that follows was written by my 11-year old daughter. She loves to see what I'm doing and was interested in my blog. She wanted to add an entry of her own and this is what she came up with. Koa is our 4 year old Golden Retriever. A future blogger is in the making!

Koa, why are you smiling?

As my mom was rushing to complete the last of the classroom party planning for my fifth grade class, our dog Koa snuck some essentials. As usual, my mom made a treat for everyone in the class - a cupcake. Okay, so if we left the cupcakes right there, at dog eye level, nothing could go wrong – or would they? Our dog is, overall, very well behaved. Except for those very rare occasions like getting muddy when she was a puppy, or running out to the front yard when the door bell rings. Well, this particular morning as my mom was getting things loaded in the car to bring to the class party, it was a very special occasion. Koa, our golden retriever, decided it was a very happy one at that. As my mother was touching up frosting, and putting ties on the goodie bags, Koa trotted in the dining room. Because the only person in the house was my mom, Koa had the dining room to herself.

Well, as my mom continued her duties, she gazed over to see Koa, smiling. Koa rarely smiles, and so this was funny and special. But as my mom was beginning to leave the room, she realized half of the cupcakes on a platter were missing. How could this be? 48 cupcakes were all sitting, ready for delivery, but then, only 36 awaited? But wait, Koa was SMILING! No one else was home! Our guess, which seems to be extremely reasonable, is that our cute, innocent puppy ate about 12 cupcakes, all by herself - wrappers and all. Now, all food has to be pushed to the center of the table, and no food is even allowed to touch the dining room table without guidance when our little food moocher is out and about.


  1. That's cute! I know people who have spent lots of money on stomache pumps for bad eatings! Lucky that was not the case for you!

  2. My dog Annie had done the same thing. I'm sure it is a coincidence that she too was a Golden. First it was 6 Costco muffins! The second was more serious. We had purchased donuts ( 3 dozen ) for the people helping us move in to our house in Saratoga. Not only did she eat about 2 dozen, she put the lid back on the box. Unfortunately, she got bloat and we almost lost her. $3500 later she came home. She was worth every penny!


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