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Monday, March 9, 2009

Pampering On a Budget

I love getting a massage. I’m not the type who likes a massage that relaxes you so much that you fall asleep. I like a good, deep tissue rub. I need more than just tickles up and down my back. I want all those knots worked out of my tense shoulders and low back. I’m not one to indulge that often. For me, a massage is a special occasion activity—a way to celebrate my birthday or if we are on a vacation at a nice resort, an added bonus.

These days, I am singing a new tune. I am going to work out the kinks in my neck, the tightness in my lower back, and relieving stress through reflexology about once a month. How do I justify this extravagance? How can I treat myself so often during these tough economic times? Well, I found a great, inexpensive place, (actually, it was recommended to me by a good friend)—Health Massage Center.

Massage centers like this are popping up all over in our neck of the woods. Throughout the South Bay you can find a Happy Feet, Healthy Foot, Happy Foot Spa, or some variation of feet and happiness as easily as you can find a Starbucks. From the outside, most of these places seem a little suspect with their neon lights and dark windows (maybe I was a bit leery because I lived in SF and most of these massage businesses were not, you know legit massage businesses). Anyway, I would never have given the one in my neighborhood a second look had it not been for my friend. But given her glowing recommendation, I decided to give it a go. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

For $20 you get an hour foot massage, which get this, starts at your head and ends with 15 minutes of an upper back massage (in one of those massage chairs). It was fantastic! The place is very clean and the chairs are comfortable. They do a very good job at creating a relaxing atmosphere (the lights are dim, soft music plays in the background and everyone whispers).

Anyway, the foot massage begins with your feet being placed in what looks like a mini wine barrel (with a plastic, disposable liner) filled with extremely hot water. As your feet get used to the water soak, the massage therapist begins with a scalp massage, which is great except for the one odd part (spoiler alert) where she sticks her fingers in your ears. I’m not sure what that is about, let’s just say I am not a fan and I warned you. Anyway, from your scalp they move on to rubbing your arms and then kneading your legs and working on your feet, topping it off with a nice back massage! If you want less time spent on your feet and for them to focus more on your back, you can do that too. They offer a 30 minute reflexology and 30 minute back massage (on a table that is curtained off).

So, if you need to get rid of some tension or just want to relax, run don’t walk to your nearest foot massage center. If it is anything like my neighborhood's Health Massage Center, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

1 comment:

  1. I have a werid thing about people touching my feet. LOL! But it sounds heavenly.

    I am a fellow SVMom by the way. I blog at Philly Moms Blog and on my own blog, Mommy Confessions as well. I'll be back. :)


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