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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Love Laundry!

O.K. maybe I don't really love doing laundry but I am certainly liking it a lot more these days. If you are wondering why anyone would profess to enjoying this mundane chore, it is because of the shiny, new washer and dryer that was delivered to my home on Monday.  

We have been debating the purchase of a front loader washer and dryer for over a year.   Our washer and dryer isn't that old (7 years) but the dryer has been fixed twice this past year and just last week  my washing machine was going on the fritz.  It was washing o.k. but not doing a great job on the spin cycle and all of my stuff was coming out soaking wet.  I was having to resort to my McGyver clothes line (I strung it myself with some old rope I found) to dry our clothes and it can barely hold any weight.

Instead of going our usual route of calling the repair man, we decided that we would invest in new machines.  Receiving a tax refund and another lice cleaning frenzy made the decision a lot easier (That and I think my husband really wanted to avoid seeing me curl up into the fetal position--lice and your washing machine breaking down can do that to a gal).  

Luckily, a friend of mine had recently purchased a new washer and she had done a lot of research on the various brands.    As soon as we decided to commit to the big purchase, I emailed her to get the 411 and placed an order all within 48 hours.  This has been the fastest purchase of big ticket items I have ever made!  And I did it with no regrets and no second guessing (well almost no second guessing).

So now, I have these gorgeous machines (I got the Bosch front loaders)that barely fit into my laundry room.  I had to take the door off and you know what, I don't care!  I love walking by the laundry room and seeing them shimmer and glisten.  I'll even pull out my microfiber cloth to polish up the chrome.  Oh, how I adore these powerful, enormous machines.  They are so quiet, so efficient, so easy to cram full of sheets.  

I now understand why my mom enjoyed sitting next to her machines, sipping her cup of coffee watching the clothes go round and round when she first got her pair of front loaders (and hers are in her basement).  I thought that was a bit quirky, but now I GET IT.  

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe my sister actually made up her mind about a major purchase within 48 hours! You go girl! I'm very proud of you :)


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