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Friday, May 22, 2009

Bamboo--Who Knew?

My sweet husband gave me a very thoughtful present for Mother's Day this year. It wasn't something sparkly or shiny (that would have been good too) and it didn't come in a robin's egg blue box (would not have turned my nose up to this either). Instead, he gave me bamboo sheets.

Bamboo sheets? Yep, soft, cool, lovely, ecru bamboo sheets. Now I know that this may sound like an odd gift, but for me they were perfect. Let's just say that I'm a bed sweatter. And my husband, while reading a recent issue of Real Simple, found the ideal solution to my "little issue".

I'm of the ahem age, where night sweats are a part of my slumberland. At first I thought it was the new Tempurpedic bed that was making me feel like I just stepped out of a sauna each morning. But when my husband woke up well rested and dry I knew it wasn't so. The writing was on the wall--I've embarked on life's next journey (mind you, I'm in the very, very, very, early stages).

Anyway, back to me singing the praises of these sheets. Who knew that rods of bamboo could be spun into such a wonderful, luxurious fiber? They feel like a cross between silk and cashmere. They are naturally hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant. And now I can tout that I'm going green because they are a renewable and sustainable resource that does not require deforestation. Oh, and let's not forget they are vegan/animal friendly (no animals are harmed in harvesting bamboo). PETA people--this is your kind of sheets!

As far as cost goes, they are not too expensive. They cost the same as your better quality, high thread count cotton sheets. I've spent a pretty penny on Egyptian cotton sheets and these are equally as nice. I gotta say, these moisture wicking, organic sheets are keeping my nights cool and dry and are worth every penny!

If you want to go bamboo, check out Bed, Bath & Beyond or various online stores. Mark my words, you'll never look back. And if you are not ready to try them just yet, I bet someday you will. The day you wake up and feel like you just ran a 10K will have you racing to the store!

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