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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost but Found

This week I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood and unfortunately lost my cell phone. I usually have it on me in case I get a call from the school (which of course only happens when I don't have with me). I was busy chatting with my husband and when we were done, I just shoved it in my pocket. As I switched having a phone glued to my ear for an Ipod, I took in the scent of some lovely smelling bushes (which ended up giving me a starting point for my phone search later on).

Anyway, after two blocks I realized it was missing. I quickly ran back to the sweet smelling bushes and retraced my steps and frantically searched for my phone. When I didn't find it, I raced back home to call my number hoping that whoever found it would answer, but again no luck. My friend suggested we go to the scene and dial my number in case it fell in the bushes. So off we went, walking up and down the street hoping to hear my Calypso ringtone. I was SOL.

So now I was convinced a ne're do well had found my phone. I thought if a good citizen had found it, they would have answered the phone after hearing it ring 10 times in a row. Feeling annoyed and perturbed with myself (I only had this phone for 2 months--why did I stick it in such a shallow pocket??), I went home and put my phone line on suspension. By mid-afternoon I had written the thing off and was ready to get a new one (maybe a Google Phone).

But then, guess what happened? I got a call from TMobile telling me that my phone had been found and was turned in to the local sheriff's office! I couldn't believe it. A good samaritan came through for me. Karma was on my side! I am so thankful to have it back--all my contacts, emails, voice messages. To whoever it was that found it and didn't leave their name---thank you, thank you, thank you (not that I really think you'll be reading this blog)!

The moral to this story is, don't lose faith in your neighbors, put an address label on the back of your phone, if you don't want anyone looking at your emails or contact numbers-- a password on your phone might be a good idea and last but not least chat with the hubby AFTER you walk the dog!

Now that I have

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