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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Laundry Test

As a mother I'm hesitant to report the result of my secret test of name-brand, fresh scented laundry detergent vs. economical, "guess-that-scent" detergent. My friend just recently purchased a new front-loading clothes washer, which requires "High Energy" detergent. She had just purchased a brand new bottle of regular Tied but her uncooperative top loader went kaput during a laundry marathon. This gave her the chance to upgrade her washing machine to the newer front-loading technology. Therefore she offered this "liquid gold" to me. She explained in incredible, vivid detail how she loves to don that newly washed shirt and take in the aroma of freshly washed clothes. She splurges on this brand of detergent because it really makes a difference to her. It gives her that "ahhhh" for the day. I was in a dizzy trance as she described this to me, it took me to another world next to planet Calgon, where colors are brighter and the aroma of flowers and springtime surrounded me. I nearly cried thinking I had never experienced that, and wondered what I'd been depriving myself of all these years. I had to experience this clean world. I always went for the $3.99 brand with 40% more. What was I thinking? I never looked at the name brands, I figured they were all the same, right? They all wash clothes, how different could they be. Do they really make your whites whiter, your blues bluer? Does it really smell better? And do they really oxyclean? Ever since I had kids, laundry was all about saving money on the tons of detergent you go through since it seems that's all you do when there are 3 children and a smelly husband in the house. I never dreamed there could be more to it!

As you can imagine, I was quite excited to try this new detergent, especially the way my friend described the experience. I was heartbroken to realize how much I'd forsaken my family of this clean sensation all these years.

So I decided I'd take this new detergent and test my family. Would they realize we had a new detergent? Would they exclaim, "Mom, what's different, why are my whites so white, and my blues so blue? What smells so good?" I could not wait for their reaction and wondered who would be the first to notice. Would it be my husband after showering from a sweaty run? After he donned his newly washed t-shirt would he come and swoop me off my feet and thank me for the way his clothes smelled and how I got that grass stain out? Would it be my youngest daughter who would run in and exclaim - "Mom, the 2-year old chocolate stain is now magically gone?"

Well, I waited. And waited. And then I nearly forgot that I tried this new detergent because it did not generate one single reaction. Was there something wrong with our olfactory? Well, I just don't understand it. How could my family not notice the difference? I guess my consolation is I saved a total of $1000 in 17 years by purchasing my no-name, guess-that-scent detergent all these years. Hey, that's enough to purchase a new front loading washing machine. I'll think I'll try that test next. Because I have to experience to that fresh laundry world!

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