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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our First Big Break

Well it really wasn't a big break, more like a small, teeny, tiny fracture. Yes, my oldest son is proudly sporting a red cast. How did it happen? A little game of lunch time tag, gone awry. I received a call from the school that he was in the office and upset, so I headed over to pick him up (after checking out of Safeway and dropping off my groceries at home).

When I got there, he seemed fine but in some pain. I decided to take him to the doctor to get it checked out--just to be safe. After being x-rayed and examined, I was surprised to hear that he would need a cast. I think the doctor thought I might be one of those no vaccinations types, when I said "Are you sure this is necessary?" From the x-ray, the "fracture" was not at all obvious. It looked like a tiny little ding--like a small chip on a tooth.

Anyway, he got the cast and boy was he thrilled. On the way home from the doctor he called his good friend, grandmother and dad to let them know the exciting news. I think he loves the fact that he is the first in our family to ever have a cast. His siblings were definitely impressed.

S. is truly enjoying the novelty of his injury and the benefits. No P.E., limited baths, awe from his siblings, and the thrill of telling the "how it happened" story. He's even going to school with a sharpie in his backpack collecting signatures. Who knew that some plaster and tape could make a kid so happy?

I'm just thankful that it wasn't more serious or painful. He's fortunate that he didn't break anything. All and all, if you have to go through the experience of your child needing a cast--we got a pretty good break.

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