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Friday, June 5, 2009

Get Ready to Clean with Activeion! Contest!

Who ever thought cleaning could be so much fun? Last Saturday my entire family was lucky enough to attend a fun event at the San Jose Tech Museum. As a Mommy Blogger, we have a few perks such as the invitation to attend special events where the collective minds of moms and families can help get a product off to market. This was one such event where a new product called Activeion was shown, and by none other than Mr. Science himself, Bill Nye the Science Guy! Now I must admit, initially I wasn't that excited about the notion of attending, I have three graduations in the span of 24 hours coming up, and am running a fundraiser/silent auction at the moment. So I felt rather harried to even mention the prospect to my children. But when I did ask my three daughters, ranging in age from 11 to 17, they all excitedly and unanimously insisted that we attend. On a regular basis, they see Mr. Science himself throughout their school week, as teachers often show his videos during science class. It really makes learning fun when you have someone like Nye getting excited over experiments and test tubes.

So away we went, and spent a very fun few hours at the San Jose Tech Museum. In all honesty, it was nice for me to get the chance and get away from the fray. We proceeded to watch Bill Nye the Science guy show a variety of experiements that explained the product he was introducing to us - "Activeion". Most of us use 409 cleaning spray for the kitchen, or Windex to clean our windows and mirrors. I know more moms who are going green and getting products from Whole Foods that claim to be earth friendly. But Activeion is different. Activeion is less about what's in the bottle than the bottle itself. The bottle has an ergonomic design (see photo top left) and takes tap water from your kitchen sink and creates a powerful, general-purpose cleaner that works better than commercial chemical or green solutions. As I mentioned, it's really about the bottle itself which takes your tap water and flows it through a water cell that applies an electrical charge to it. Thus the "ion-ization". It creates an oxygenated mix of postive and negative nano-bubbles which lift dirt and stains like magic. I sound pretty scientific, eh?

Of course, as a mom, I'm always skeptical of cleaning gimmicks. I don't have time or money to waste on products that don't work. Especially when it comes to cleaning. But Mr. Science demonstrated cleaning a window with ordinary Windex and 409, and they all leave streaks and residue. But not Activeion! We saw for ourselves stains and streaks are totally gone with just simple tap water. My three daughters, now known as my cleaning ladies, were entralled with the demonstration. As Bill Nye showed us other demonstrations, he also showed the concept of surface tension in water, and how that applies to Activeion. I didn't need to see all that, I just needed to try it myself and see how it works in my daily life!

The enthusiastic folks from Activeion gave us one of our own to put to the test at home. I have to say I like it already because it's making my kids love cleaning! They all want to try this cool design and spray away. We cleaned two terribly dirty windows, and they are so clean we nearly injure ourselves trying to walk through them. My newly remodeled stainless steel kitchen sparkles - no streaking which tends to be the problem with stainless, and all it uses is tap water from your sink. So you feel good about saving the environment and how clean your house is.

I do have one thing to mention. My blogging partner has made me more aware of clean and "ah" fresh odors and that fresh roses or apple blossom smell is something you won't get that other cleaning products have. That's because you are only using odorless tap water. But you also won't get the chemical residue that it takes to produce those odors when you clean. In the past I didn't take note of odors and nice smells, but what I actually do notice is the absence of the chemical smell which Windex and 409 produces from the ammonia. So I like that Activeion is odorless. But my blogging partner has made me appreciate fresh, clean odors, so maybe that is something they can figure out in their next release of Activeion. The "smell" industry is pretty huge. But for now, I'm a very happy mom with Activeion and the three new cleaning ladies in my home!

Would you like your very own Activeion? Then add your comment to our blog below. If you have trouble entering your comment, then email us at blog.tina@yahoo.com. Tell us what product you use most today to clean your kitchen and bathrooms. We'll announce a winner on June 12th at noon!


  1. I think a product that really works and is safe is fits a big need. You want something that really cleans but are concerned about what we a subjecting our family to. Alot of us mom's are now doing our own house work even if we were lucky enough to have a cleaner, most of us have cut back. Something that makes cleaning easier and better plus looks cool is great!

    Suzanne O

  2. I use Mr. Clean (heavily diluted) and Soft Scrub. I also recently have tried Green Works from Clorox. This product looks interesting. I like that there are no chemicals for our family and pets to breath in (or lick off paws).

  3. Using this product rather than Windex (which can burn the hair in your nose) is a real positive but I would like to see it used on tough clean jobs like grease build-up on a stovetop or marker stains on carpet. Is there a way to add a nice odor also? I like nice clean smells!

  4. I have a cupboard full of cleaning products, a different bottle for every job. Window cleaner, granite cleaner & granite polish, marble cleaner, Soft Scrub for the bath, Lysol for the toilet and on and on. If I had an Activeion I would find a whole new use for the cupboard that houses all these cleaning products. Imagine, no vapor to make my eyes smart as I hang my head over the bath, reaching as far as I can to scrub the other side. Now when it comes to windows, I admit I’m not the best window cleaner in the world. It does not matter how hard I try, I’m always left with streaks. I’ve tried Windex, ammonia, vinegar, newspaper, you name it, I’ve tried it. To have windows without streaks would make all that work cleaning them worthwhile. You never know, if I could get rid of those streaks I might even grow to like cleaning windows. Oh…. Did I mention all that stainless steel in my kitchen. I really need an Activeion.

  5. This thing looks like something from the Jetson's. It would be great if it cleans as well as it looks! I'm ready to give it a try! UJ--in Illinois

  6. Wow, I want one. This sounds too good to be true.

  7. WOW, what an amazing product! I can't imagine being able to get rid of all of my cleaning products and using just water....cool!

    Right now I use green works for the kitchen, windows and mirrors and scum off for my bathrooms.

  8. Right now I use Meyers. This looks so cool that I could finally get my kids to help clean the house and teach them to start thinking of things they can creat to help in the future that erase our carbon footprint. Not to mention I would love to use one product to clean the house. Now we just need to think of something that cleans our clothes the same way. :)

  9. I gotta say this little sprayer does an amazing job on my granite counter tops. With regular cleaners, I always get streaks but with this my counters look terrific. And the stainless steel looks fantastic too.

  10. Intriguing! We have two family members with allergies who are sensitive to fragrances. I would love to try this thing and see if it really works. I am currently using Bright Green, an all-purpose cleaner from Safeway.

  11. I use the generic of pine sol for most of my cleaning... It's cheap and works to a degree... but to use water and get better results would be heavenly!

  12. I use a little bit of everything ... windex, lysol, the scrubbing bubbles. I use those clorox or lysol wipes on everything -- kind of like baby wipes. I'm a sucker for new products/gadgets that claim to make the cleaning easier/faster/better. I like things to smell too after I've cleaned ... proof of the effort. But I hate the ammonia smells covered by floral fragrances. I'm more inclined to burn some scented candles after cleaning instead. I'd love to see how this works on stainless steel because I haven't found anything I like for that yet.

  13. Well you moms have my ears perked up. I have many kids in my house that I help watch and the fact that there are no harmful things in it is BIG. For the small childerin I put the figer food right on the wood table, this product would make me feel better about that. The bathroom would also be helpful, I am always using baby wipes to do a fast clean up job after each use of the kids. That dose seem like a waist. Also commercial products are hard on the furniture. I have glass coffee table with ledded glass that no matter what I use it leaves streeks, hummm I would be curious to see if this did that or would this solve my problem?
    ~Tracy Lundark


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