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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Here's to the dad that:
*Takes his kids out to play tennis and has the patience to run after each ball.
*Takes his 8 grandkids out to Angel Island and doesn't lose any of them on the way.
*Reads books each night with his kids and falls asleep while listening.
*Takes his daughters to Daddy/Daughter dances and does the Macarena.
*Takes his boys for haircuts and then a sundae at McDonalds.
*Joins multiple Y-guides groups so that all of his kids can participate.
*Does not get upset when his daughter burns out an engine because she forgot to put oil in the car.
*Leads Y-guides groups when no one else will.
*Takes his 8 grandkids blueberry picking in 90 degree weather and tunes out the whining.
*That always helps his daughters in times of need.
*Administers first-aid to even the most minor scrapes and cuts.
*Takes time off of work to help out with a clay or art project at school.
*Takes his daughter to the doctor to have a mole removed because his wife is afraid of needles.
*Will play with his kids in 75 degree pool water.
*Will take his son deep sea fishing and hold his son's hand while he gets seasick.
*Will play laser tag and let the kids win (o.k.--he didn't let the kids win because he can be a kid himself).
*Sends his daughter a lovingly restored car just because it would be fun to drive in California.
*That tells his granddaughters that they are beautiful inside and out.
*That comes for a visit and asks for a to do list and gets it all done.
*Is incredibly patient and rarely raises his voice.
*That is generous with not only his own family but with others.
*That loves a good cognac, cigar, and bottle of wine.
*That has a spirit of adventure and lust for life.
*That laughs so hard he sounds like a school girl.
*That coaches the soccer, football, and baseball teams.
*That lets his daughter paint his nails.
*Takes his grandkids to the train museum for the 100th time.
*That loves his family unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Here's to YOU!! Happy Father's Day

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