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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Karate Kids

Wax on, wax off. Paint the fence. O.k. so these are not the techniques my kids are learning at their new karate school. But I had to throw it in--didn't you just LOVE The Karate Kid (soon to be remade--starring Will Smith's son Jaden Smith)?

My kids started Karate lessons this summer. Not because of any bully or to win a girl's heart, they were more into it because of the outfits. For some reason they just love the Gi's. Go figure! Anyway, after two trial lessons (to make sure they were interested for other reasons), I signed all 4 kids up for a 3 month commitment to the art of Karate. Actually, it was just the boys who were initially interested, but because our studio offered a buy three get the fourth free, my daughter is also practicing.

Like most sports, Karate fees add up. On top of lesson fees, there is the Gi, insurance, sparring weapons and testing fees. Sparring weapons is where I draw the line--at least for now. I mean, we don't even allow squirt guns at our house. Needless to say, I'm making sure my kids are getting their bang for my buck and am shlepping them to lessons 3 times a week. Fortunately, they really seem to enjoy it.

I think the main reason they like going so much is that they REALLY want to move beyond their white belts. They've noticed that many of their 5 & 6 year old peers are donning much more colorful belts. So with their eye on the prize, they have been attending lessons regularly and practicing at home--honing in on their round house, hook kick, front kick, reverse punch and jabs. They have even had extra sessions with our black belt neighbors (our own version of Mr. Miyagi) to prepare for the day when their skills and mental prowess would be tested.

Well, the big day finally came and this week my martial arts munchkins were promoted to (drum roll please) yellow belts. They were so thrilled to jump a belt! I got to their lesson just as their belts were being presented. When their names were called, each ran up with a huge smile on their face and bowed to Hanshi, happily accepting the fruits of their labor.

And like Danny La Russo's (played by Ralph Macchio) mom, I stood their beaming, so proud of my Karate Kids!


  1. i like the black t-shirt poking out of two kid's Gi's. Hi-Ya!

  2. Yes--the black t-shirts really add to the look.


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