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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let Them Drink WAT-AAH!!

As a parent, many of us have come to realize that part of our job entails being a short order cook and nutritionist among the many other job descriptions on our resume under "parent". I'll never forget an experience I had years ago when my eldest daughter was in first grade and in my harried state as a working mom I failed to make a wise choice when packing her school lunch. I went for the convenience foods because I just didn't think I had the time to put together a nice, well-balanced and home-made lunch for her. I packed a fruit roll-up, some sort of packaged lunch-able, and a box of juice. Her teacher came up to me after school to tell me I ought to take the time to pack a more nutritious lunch.

After the shock of having someone telling me what to do as a parent, I realized she did me a great favor and I thanked her the next day. Ever since then I've been more careful about what goes in my children's mouths (as well as what comes out of them). Now, after years of making nutritious lunches for my three children and finding it really isn't hard to do, I observe their own choices when they are attending a party or if we're at a restaurant and they can order what they want from a menu. Ocassionally they have a Shirley Temple, but never Coke or Pepsi. And they often order just water when we're at a restaurant knowing it is healthier as well as saves money!

I realize that by not routinely having sodas in the house my children prefer milk or 100% fruit juice when given the choice. I carefully purchase juice that does not contain fructose or corn syrup, and it is 100% juice with no added sugars. I've taught them how to read labels, and one of our favorite coffee table books is "Eat This, Not That" by David Zinczenko.

Just recently, my family was introduced to a new drink called "WAT-AAH" that is carried by Whole Foods, and predominantly sold in the east coast. But it will soon be carried in over 30 states, and if you can't find it at your local grocery store, you can purchase it on Amazon.com. What's great about WAT-AAH is it is pure and simple. It is 100% pure. Check out the WAT-AAH website to learn more and see their branding, which my kids just love. WAT-AAH was created by moms who were concerned about their children's health and the growing (literally) number of obese children brought up on poor food choices and sugary drinks.

By creating a premium brand of water made with kids in mind, these creative moms developed a brand that make kids scream for more "WAT-AAH". There are four types of WAT-AAH, including WAT-AAH Energy (+ oxygen); WAT-AAH Bones (+ magnesium); WAT-AAH Brain (+ electrolytes); and WAT-AAH Body (pure spring water). After getting two cases of WAT-AAH, it was gone in two days. My kids just seemed to thirst for it, and even created a video in praise of their new beverage of choice. It's nice to know that we have more healthy choices for our children's lunch, soccer practice and on-the-go activities.

So the next time your kids ask "Mom, what's to drink", let them drink WAT-AAH.

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