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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Puberty On the Horizon.....

I recently posted an article on the Silicon Valley Mom's blog about boys and their interest in girls. And when I say interest in girls, I mean INTEREST in girls--looking up nudie pics on the internet to be exact. Now my son has not done this yet (yeah, right you say) well as far as I know. Let's just say he has not been caught. Anyway, I have a feeling we will be entering these treacherous waters one day soon. I'm just hoping I've got another year (yes, my fingers and toes are crossed!).

I realize the interest in the female anatomy is a part of growing up, but I'm not ready for it. At this point my darling 12 year old still plays with Bionicles, rubber ducks (from Oriental Trading Co.) and enjoys the online game Moshi Monsters. I just can't picture him ogling naked women.

I know I need to get my head out of the sand and accept it. But I'm not READY!!! The question is, what do you say? I've got some material in the works but I need more. If you have been through this part of parenting before, PLEASE tell me how you handled it. Any words of puberty wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

(Totally off topic, but to go along with our previous post on your favorite vacation destinations, sunset above is from one of my new favorite places, San Pancho, Mexico).


  1. Although I'm a little bit behind you, and have a girl, the way I'm dealing with the whole potty talk/puberty/nakeness issue is books. There are some very good, age appropriate books there, for girls, at least, for each stage. If there isn't, this would be a great niche market. (I'm thinking "The guys guide to growing up" by Dr. Phil/Judd Apatow/(fill in the appropriate male role model here).

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  3. Thanks for the comments. Yes, I'll be reading more books on the subject for sure. I like your idea of the "guys guide to growing up" although I would guess that the main gist would be "don't worry about it--it's all normal."


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