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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Son's Birthday Wish

Yesterday, while sitting at the breakfast table before school my son N. put in a request for his birthday. The big day is not until January, but evidently he felt the need to put in a birthday wish. Guess what it was? He asked if he could have a cup of coffee on his birthday! My husband and I cracked up. He does enjoy sipping the foam off of my cappuccino and likes to lick the bottom of the mug, so I shouldn't be surprised. I guess we'll fix him some Cowboy Coffee (heavy on the milk). He's growing up--he'll be nine after all.


  1. My daughter is not even 6 and wants to drink coffee!!! She claims that since she 'LOVES' the smell she'll like the taste too.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It's funny how some kids like "grown up" tastes and smells. My son has been busted several times licking the bottom of my coffee mug. Granted I mostly drink cappuccinos that are sweetened, but I'm still surprised he likes that coffee flavor. I guess a cup of joe wouldn't be any worse than letting him have an occasional soda (which we do).


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