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Monday, September 21, 2009

Take a Number--Managing Homework

School and unfortunately homework is in full swing. It seems harder to manage this year than last. I think it is because my twin boys no longer have a weekly packet of homework (which was due on Fridays). They now have to turn in their assignments each day. So every day after school, my four kids sit around our kitchen island working on their assignments. And let me tell you, it is no fun! I dread the 3 o'clock hour!

I try my best to patiently answer each child's questions. I want them to all feel like I'm there to answer questions when they need it, but hearing "I need help" simultaneously can drive a gal nuts. I think I need to get a system in place to organize the question chaos. I've tried to have the older kids guide the younger ones, but that works only if everyone is in a good mood and wants to help or be helped.

The deli counter also comes to mind. Maybe I could have each kid take a number. That might do the trick. The problem is that when I'm assisting one, the others get impatient. So even with a number system, I think I'd need to have a time limit. Hmm, a number system with an egg timer? Could that work?

I'll have to give that a try. If you have any tricks up your sleeve, please share. I'd love to hear how you manage the homework in your household.

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