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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Taste of Versailles

Continuing with our architect theme, the photo of the day is a photo my 17 year old daughter took during her "gap year" abroad with Dad to Europe. This is in Versailles, France. I love the composition and the lighting affect in this photo. A little about the history of Versailles, it was the unofficial capital of France, most notably from May 1682 when King Louis XIV moved the court and government permanently to Versailles, until his death in September 1715. It became the unofficial capital again from June 1722 (when Louis XV returned to Versailles permanently) to October 1789. During this time frame, Paris remained the official capital city of France, and the official royal palace was the Palace of the Louvre. In practice the government affairs were conducted from Versailles, and Versailles was regarded as the real capital.

We've received a few more wonderful photos from our wonderful viewers - thanks for submitting them, they are wonderful! Keep sending us your best shots! We will feature more in the coming days.

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