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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Week's Photo Theme--Architecture

We've been padding our blog with photos. It has been a fun way to keep the blog fresh as well as a great way for us to bring our interests in photography and blogging together. We hope that you've enjoyed the pictures we have posted. Again, we welcome your photos! If you have a picture that fits the theme of the week, please email it to us at blog.tina@yahoo.com and we will post it. We'd love to showcase your work!

On that note, the above photo was taken this summer while I was in Germany. It is the ceiling of St. George's church in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany. Dinkelsbuhl, is a 15th century village still surrounded by medieval walls and towers. The lattice work of the ceiling is what fascinated me. It was so simple yet grand.

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