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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going for the Gore

My darling 8 year old twin boys have turned the corner this Halloween. The days of dressing up like super heroes, adorable pumpkins, or puppy dogs are no longer here. Now they have moved on to wanting the scary, gory costumes for Halloween and the creepier the better. Rather than fight this ghoulish interest, I've decided to embrace it--but with a few restrictions. Yes, they can dress in semi-grisly and spooky costumes but where I draw the line is that they can not have costumes with weapons, blood or wear one where they look bludgeoned (they actually wanted a mask with an axe coming out of the guys head--NO WAY!). So this Halloween, I'll bid farewell to the adorable costumes of yesteryear and (gulp) say "hello" to the Grim Reaper and that guy from Scream.

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