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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Whale of a Tale

From one of our faithful readers, Maneesha, she sends in this story about the humpback whale. Every winter thousands of humpbacks come to the waters off of Maui to mate and give birth. Just because of the sheer number of whales that are present in the waters they were able to spot whales while sitting on the beach and even when driving along the coast. They even took a whale watching tour to get a closer look these majestic animals. They saw a couple of whales breach and both a pectoral fin & tail slapping.

During this expedition, there was a baby whale and its mother. They swam towards their boat and came within 100 yards. With the engine turned off on the boat they got to observe these two for a good bit of time. The baby stayed hidden behind the mom for most part. But when it did come out the kids were screaming with joy and the parents were clicking away.

This is something not to be missed as these are just awe inspiring animals. What's your best nature shot? Send it to blog.tina@yahoo.com and we hope to have it published - don't forget to send any story that may go along with the photo.

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