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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Got Rodents--Zhu Zhu Pets That Is!

I can't  believe it!  It is a Christmas miracle!  Yes, I got my hands on some Zhu Zhu pets!   My daughter is going to be so excited (she better be) when she finds Num nums and Chunk under our tree.

In case you have older kids (or have been living under a rock), these cuddly rodents are the hottest toy this holiday season.  Parents are fighting over them at Target, moms and dads are signing up for Toys R Us email notices, and many are getting gouged on eBay just to make a Christmas wish come true.

Why they are so popular, I don't quite understand.  They basically look like a cat toy.  A small, robotic, stuffed animal that moves aimlessly around.  But somehow kids latched on to it (including mine) and now there is Zhu Zhu fever.

I had given up on finding these little critters (there was no way that I was going to get taken to the cleaners on eBay)  and I was even contemplating getting my daughter a real hamster (p.u.).   But yesterday as I ran a quick errand to Target before my kids' winter sing, I stumbled upon them.

While checking out the action figures,  I heard a parent mention the Z word.  She didn't say that Target had them and she didn't even have one in her cart, but it spurred me to check out the stuffed animal aisle, just in case.

Side Note:  My husband had been doing some recon work last week trying to find out when the next shipment would be in and was told that this particular store was not receiving many.  The clerk even suggested we'd have better luck at Toys R Us.

Anyway, I casually walked to the stuffed animal aisle and lo and behold, there they were.  Num nums, Chunk, Pipsqueak, & Mr. Squiggles.  I rubbed my eyes, was it really true?  Were those really THE coveted Zhu Zhu pets?

I looked around, I was alone in the aisle, they were mine, all mine.  I began to shake and sweat with excitement.  And I quickly (while glancing over my shoulder, ready to fend off any eager shoppers wanting to pilfer my goods) began filling my cart with the critters and their accoutrements.  I felt greedy, like I was taking more than my share, but pacified myself by thinking how excited some very special people in my life will be!

Oh yeah, it's going to be a Zhu Zhu Christmas after all!

And I'm not going to resell them on eBay--no matter how tempting it is.....

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