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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Quest for the Perfect Tree

This weekend we headed to a local tree farm, Mt. McPhereson located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in search of the perfect Christmas tree. I gave everyone specific directions, "Look for a tall tree that has branches that are not too close together. We do not want a chubby one." I like the Charlie Brownesque kind of tree. I prefer trees that are not too full and that have space between the branches so you can hang ornaments throughout--it is what I grew up with.

So off we went, in search of the perfect tree. It is not an easy task. While the tree farm was full of lovely trees, I had a hard time finding my skinny, slightly barren tree. We walked up and down the hill, stopping here and there thinking that this tree or that might be the one gracing our house with it's presence.

After walking around for 30 minutes, we ended up at the first tree we spotted and decided that it was definitely THE ONE. What made the decision easier was that we had been walking in circles, this particular tree was at the top of the hill closest to our car, the kids had tired of all of this family fun, and the fog was rolling in.

With saw in hand, my husband channeled his inner lumberjack and down she went. We carried the tree to the car, jerry-rigged it to the top, got our candy canes and went home to decorate it. Now it is in our living room, in all it's Christmas glory, waiting for Santa to fill it with presents. Oh and after some strategic pruning, I got my Charlie Brown tree. Thinned out but not too sparse!

Here they are carrying THE TREE to the car.

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