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Friday, January 22, 2010

Brotherly Love

I'm still cleaning up my Christmas decorations.  Yes, I know it has been nearly a month since we celebrated Christmas.  I have a few more ornaments to put away (they looked lovely in my big glass hurricane vase) and my reindeer candle holders, but I'm almost there.

As I was cleaning, I found this gift tag that I thought I'd share because even a month later, it cracks me up.  This year my kids did a Secret Santa gift exchange (which did not end up being much of a secret).  Anyway, this was the gift tag that my older son put on the present that he gave his Secret Santa recipient.

Evidently, his brother must have done something to tick him off and the Christmas cheer went out the window, as you can see by the backside of this tag.

Yes, this is one gift tag that I'll save.  So much for brotherly love!

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