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Monday, February 1, 2010

A 90th Birthday Celebration

My grandmother turned 90 this past weekend.  NINETY!! I can’t believe it.  She looks amazing and is a sharp as a tack.  How can this lovely woman, that I call Oma be 90?

My grandmother is extraordinary woman.  She is someone who exhibits kindness and grace at every stage of her life.  She is resilient and strong.  And a real go getter!  She is someone who we all should strive to be like.

Until just this year, she was driving her red Camry around her small town in Illinois.  She would take her friends to their doctor’s appointments, deliver meals on wheels to other seniors and occasionally pick up her great-grand children for cooking and knitting lessons at her home.

She has been through a lot in her long life.  She left her seven siblings behind in the Ukraine and along with her husband and three young children went in search for a better life in America.  It was not until the summer of 1992, 50 years later, that she was reunited with her siblings. I was fortunate enough to join her (along with my dad and aunt) on that amazing trip to visit her family in the Ukraine.

There are so many more details and stories to tell but it would take a book. 

Anyway, to commemorate her special day, my dad and his siblings threw her a lovely luncheon for family and friends.   In total 50 people came to help her celebrate--- including 14 of her 18 great-grandchildren (unfortunately mine were not there).

The party was wonderful.  You could tell that my grandmother was bursting with pride.  She was absolutely radiant.    

As I sat there, taking it all in, all I could think was that hopefully one day I too would be surrounded by loved ones celebrating my 90th birthday.  

Happy Birthday Oma!

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  1. To grandmothers and many wonderful years to come! Here, here!!!


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