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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Double Dog Dare You

Yesterday my boys got into a little tiff over a bet.   It seemed that A. told N. that he would give him $5 if he ate a piece of our pup's dog food.  Yeah, I know GROSS!

Now you would think that a bright, reasonable, 9 year old boy would turn down this disgusting offer but guess what?  He didn't!  He popped that little bit of kibble into his mouth and swallowed it down.  Evidently $5 can really motivate a kid.

Well, N. wanted A. to pay up and I'm sure you know where I am headed, the bro didn't give up the dough! Not that he even had it to begin with.  So when N. came to me with tears in his eyes--I think more from embarrassment than frustration, I felt that I better do a partial payout.  After all the kid did eat a piece of Beneful.  Have you ever smelled that stuff?  Blech!

I had a quick chat with A. discussing the ethics of betting (did I just write that?) and told N. that he should make sure that the next time he chomps on a piece of his pooch's favorite chow, that he makes doubly sure that this brother  has got the goods!

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