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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ahhhhh Spring!

I am loving this glorious, warm weather.  It feels like we've skipped spring and headed right into summer.

After badgering me to go swimming, I finally caved in and gave my 9 year old twins the go ahead to jump in the pool.  I knew it would be a short swim and it was.  Basically a jump in and leap right back out.

My son A. jumped in the frigid water (as well as our pooch Lulu) while his twin brother looked on.  Noticing how quickly A. leapt out of the water, N. came to his senses and ran in the house--as seen in the video below.

Yesterday, they were at it again.  Their swim trunks were on and they were ready to take another quick dip. However, this time after dipping a toe in the chilly waters they came to their senses, however the dog did not and off she went into the water.

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