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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hooray for International Day!

Today was International Day at my children's elementary school.  Over 22 countries were represented at this amazing cultural event.   Our fantastic parent volunteers put together amazing booths that shared art, history, and culture.

The children loved running from booth to booth getting their "passports" stamped.  They were able to try mango shakes from Pakistan, get origami cranes from Japan, place bindis on their foreheads & have intricate designs painted on their hands from India, enjoy Cadbury eggs from England, have their names written in Chinese characters, munch on pretzels from Germany, etc...etc.  The parents really went all out!

As a gal who grew up in a small town of 900 in the homogenous Midwest, I am grateful that my children live in a community where diversity exists and is celebrated.

Thank you, dankschen, domo arigato, mamnoon, merci, shukriya, gracias, spasibi, kamsahamnida, koszi, doh je, hvala (that is "thank you in 12 languages), so much to the International Day Committee.  You ladies did a fantastic job pulling this wonderful event together.

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