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Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Lizard Time

I know it is officially spring when my kids start jumping in and right back out of our frigid pool, my daffodils are blooming and my son is outside busy hunting lizards.

And this weekend, he got his first catch of the season. A small baby blue belly lizard that he has named Swift--which is kind of ironic given that the critter got caught! My son tracked him down at my daughter's soccer game this weekend.   It only took a few minutes climbing over the rocks near the parking lot before he caught his new pet.

The problem was the game was only half way over and Swift had no where to go. My son A. walked around with the poor thing squeezed between his thumb and forefinger. He searched for an empty water bottle and ended up finding an empty Marlboro box. Since that wasn't gonna cut it--the darn flap would not stay down, plus I didn't like the idea of him walking around with a cigarette box, he needed to find something else.

Well he was a man on a mission and low and behold he scoured the sidelines and ended up with an Arrowhead bottle-- Swift had a temporary home. As soon as we got back to our house Swift was in his new habitat-- a nice plastic shoe box with rocks, dirt and a bottle cap full of water.

Now A. is taking care of his new pet, begging me to take him to Petsmart for crickets and writing "The Swift Fact Book" manual for anyone who might find themselves in charge of his cherished pet.  Yep, it's Lizard Time!

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