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Monday, March 1, 2010

My 9 Year Old Hero!

My blogging partner is not alone when it comes to having a pooch that slays gophers.  Last week, I found my dog batting around a furry little friend in our backyard.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a baby gopher.  It was dazed and confused but not dead.

Lulu, our English Springer Spaniel, was having a great time gently nudging it around with her nose and following it as it stumbled across the grass.

I shooed her away and waited for the little varmint to go back in its hole.  I just didn't have the heart to kill it--even though the little bugger was digging up holes in my yard.

So I brought the dog inside and waited for the critter to make its escape.  A couple hours later, my kids noticed that Lulu was chewing on something in the backyard.  They went outside to see what it was and much to their horror found our dog chewing on what seemed to be the remains of the baby gopher.  Evidently, she found it again and this time was not so gentle!  YUCK!!!!

I ran into the house and grabbed the broom, hoping to knock it out of her mouth.  I was so afraid she would try to come trotting into the house with her new treat.  The kids all shrieked and ran inside--disgusted by their beloved pooch. As each failed attempt to get her to drop the disgusting thing hanging from her mouth failed, I found myself moving one step closer to losing my cookies.

I couldn't take it any longer and put the broom down, shouting at the dog to "DROP IT!!"  My 9 year old then swung into action--literally and figuratively--and grabbed the broom and knocked the gruesome cud from her mouth.    He was not at all phased by the sight and when I asked him if he would mind getting the broom and throwing the disgusting entrails over the fence, he did so without hesitation.

I even asked him to check the yard  to make sure there were not any additional remnants lurking around--I'd freak if stumbled upon any more blood and guts.  And he was happy to oblige.

I couldn't believe my little boy could stomach this!  It wasn't that he took delight in the fact that our dog had just killed and chewed up a small rodent, it was that he was fascinated and curious as to what the dead animal looked like.  It was as if his inner scientist came out and he carefully and respectfully did what needed to be done.

I was amazed at his bravery and ability to get the job done (as the rest of us cowered in the house).  He  pulled through for me and was my hero for the day!

Note:  If you need a gopher slayer and clean-up crew, affordable rates can be negotiated--just kidding. ;)

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