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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Patio Furniture Is Here--Let The Assembly Begin

While I love the new patio furniture we just purchased, I'm not loving the fact that we have to assemble it ourselves.   I was all set to hire someone from the Home Depot to put it together for us, but my husband scoffed at the idea.  He would put it together, no problem.

Well we are on day two of this monotonous task and the guys who hang out near the Home Depot parking lot are looking better and better.

Yep, that is my hubby sprawled out on the patio putting chair #4 out of 6 together (and there are still two chaise lounge chairs in the box with comfy looking cushions just waiting to make their poolside debut).

Right now, while I've snuck in the house to get a drink and get out of some work, I'm trying to convince myself that relaxing on our new chaise lounge chairs will be even sweeter since we  my husband put it together ourselves himself.....nah!

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