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Friday, May 28, 2010

Part 9: Prostate Cancer - Where Do We Go From Here?

We are entering the third month since my husband's radical prostatectomy. At about Week Four post-surgery we started seeing huge leaps in improvement to his energy level. A month after the surgery, he was able to work a full day, but by the time he got home he was exhausted. At Week Six he was still down about eleven pounds from his optimal weight and that extra weight was necessary for keeping his energy level high. At this point, he's only five pounds less than his pre-surgery weight, and he may try to keep this level as he's feeling great.

Seven weeks after the surgery, he ran a 10K in the Big Basin Redwoods which has a very hilly terrain. He told me he would not push himself, that he would even walk if he felt unable to complete it by running. It turns out he felt great during the entire run and even garnered a gold medal, coming in first in his age group, and eleventh overall out of 80.  Click here to continue....

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