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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kicking off The Summer Season

The kids are out of school--hooray!  The end of the school year was so crazy but now we are in summer-mode.

Summer mode for my kids entails staying up late and sleeping in.  It means ripsticking, playdates, swimming, catching bugs, roasting marshmallows, playing the Wii (2010 World Cup Soccer game with the annoying horn buzzing in the background), playing on the computer (maybe a little too much--limits will be set soon) and just chillaxin.

For me, my summer state of mind involves finally reading my stack of ignored magazines, gardening, and getting ready for a trip to Spain.  Of course, I've got the regular chores that never go away to take care of but nothing is pressing and I like it!

If only these lazy, crazy days of summer could last longer than 8 weeks..........

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