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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Otter Pop Revelation!

Yesterday, while at my twins' third grade end of year picnic, I had an epiphany.  I am better at cutting off the tops of Otter Pops than I am at passing them out.  "Better" is actually not the right word, "more patient" is.

You see, handing out Otter Pops to a slew of excited 8 & 9 year old kids can even the most patient person.   You'd think that these children had never seen an Otter Pop before.  Maybe it was the excitement of the day or that these kids were soooooo thirsty/hungry from running around at the park, but I swear it was like a pack of vultures had swooped down ready to fly off with as many popsicles as they could get into their beaks.

As I kept hearing, "I want yellow!" I want blue!"  "Can I have another?" all I could do was bite my tongue and try and find my happy place and give thanks that I was part of the back-end logistics (cutting off the tops) and not tackling the front lines (handing them out).  The mothers who were handing them out had the patience of a Saint.  I'm telling you if I were handing them out I would have snapped!

I guess we all need to recognize our strengths and weaknesses.  One things for sure, I'm not patient enough to brave those Otter Pop hungry troops.  I'll stick to the trenches and KP duty.

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