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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Padded Swimsuits for Tweens!

Yes, you read it correctly, stores are now carrying padded swimsuits for tweens.  I went out shopping with my daughter to find her a swimsuit for this summer season and was appalled to see Justice carrying padded swimsuits!  This was a size 10 swimsuit.  What are they thinking?  That we want to enhance our daughter's bust size?  I understand having a liner to provide extra coverage for developing chests, but padding, c'mon! Had  I let my daughter try on the swimsuit with padding in tact, she would have looked like she just got a new set of silicones--o.k. maybe not that bad, but still.  Padding!

I'm telling you finding a swimsuit for tweens is tough.  Especially for those girls who do not want zebra print bikinis or tankinis that show off their innie or outie.  On that note, aren't tankini's supposed to cover one's belly?

You can read more about my quest to find an age appropriate swimsuit at SVMoms blog.

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