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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picture This! We've Been Nominated!

We've been nominated! Click here and help support both Kristina Rust and Tina Case under Silicon Valley/Peninsula.   Just scroll down toward the bottom of the form and look for Saratoga businesses.  There is a check box for each of us.  You can select however many other women you know and show your support for this wonderful group of women.

OUR STORY:  A year and a half ago, my business partner and I took a leap of faith and after lots of back and forth brainstorming we put a business together. Both of us have always been heavily involved as volunteers at our children's school.  We knew first hand the pain and gain from volunteer work and fundraising. It's often a thankless job with no monetary compensation, long hours and hard work.  But the effort for us has been rewarding.  We have forged many wonderful friendships with other hardworking volunteer parents and have experienced the magic of determination.  Over a three-year span, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure our children's school maintains quality art and science programs.  Through our efforts our children, and the 500 children at our school, will have experienced computer lab, music, hands-on science projects (including an annual rocket launch and 'bubble-ology' - the science of bubbles), a school running club and library hours.  

Our fundraising efforts have entailed countless hours and manpower.  It was through this volunteer experience of asking for handouts and "Tin-Cupping" as I like to call it, that my business partner and I knew there had to be a better way to raise funds.  Everyone had plenty of cookie dough and gift wrap paper.  But what about using our passion for photography?  Thus was born our photography company, PICTURE THIS! Fundraising.   We take our passion and skill with photography and help schools and other organizations offer affordable portrait packages and often up to 30% of our net proceeds as a way to give-back to educational programs or other selected causes. 

Our mission at Picture This! Fundraising™ is simple. As moms, we want to use our discerning eye to take great quality photos of people, from preschool to adult, and have fun in the process. The second part of our mission is to develop a means to provide a give back discount to educational and afterschool communities from daycare centers to elementary, middle, and high school. All of these have one thing in common - the need to provide and maintain the high standards of excellence within their organization. We are proud to provide an exciting and memorable way to give back to our community.

Kristina and I enjoy helping our community by using our photography to capture those special milestones in a person’s life. Being able to give back to our community gives us a reason to smile for the camera.

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