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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Diary of a Helicopter Mom: Don't Let This Happen to You

I hope some of you helicopter moms have taken the summer off.  Once school begins in a few weeks, I'd like to suggest that you continue taking the time off from being a hovering parent and stay grounded.  Let your children start taking charge of their lives, including their mistakes.  Don't let this happen to you!

Diary of a Mad Helicopter Mom:
  • Stopped by Jill’s elementary school to see if she ate the high-Omega3 lunch I made her. Made sure she didn’t sneak in any high calorie cookies from her best friend. Then walked over to the restroom to wet a wash cloth and wipe her mouth to be sure her face was clean. Whatever happened to PB&J on Wonderbread and letting them wipe their mouth on their T-shirt sleeve?
  • After school, drilled Jill on calculus and chemistry with the latest MIT flash cards, found a tutor to prep her for the PSATs. When was the last time the kids had a healthy dose of Vitamin D – from the actual sun outside?
  • Finished helping Jack with their college application (second best essay if I say so myself) and submitted their college applications for them. Will you be attending class, taking notes and tests for them also? How about going to the Toga parties?
  • Called Junior’s college professor to get their grades and see how they are doing on their assignments. Do you wonder why Junior never returns your phone calls?
  • Called real estate agent to get an estimate on our home. I know we can find a home closer to Junior’s college so I can do his laundry and grocery shopping. Ahem, your “child” is technically an adult now, it’s time to let go, let them do their own laundry and get to class on time.
  • May Day, May Day. Chopper appears to be hovering a little too close to home. Need to refuel, need to refuel with Starbuck’s Double Venti Espresso. As mentioned previously, this Heli-Mom crash-landed. She actually landed in an empty home where her children rarely visit because they are experiencing life for the first time and are having too much fun.
If you find yourself hovering, then it’s time to take off those whirlybird wings and ground yourself. Find a hobby, and hopefully it’s not your husband. Stop piloting your children and put some responsibility on their shoulders. It’s when children mistakes that they experience real life. It’s a wise parent who stays grounded and allows their children to experience everything life has to offer, including flying their own helicopter.

Tina and Kristina are two moms who love to blog and take photos. You can also follow us under Parent Grapevine on Yahoo! Shine and Moms Who Click. Moms Who Click is our latest blog and currently under development. It will follow us as we build our photography company one click at a time.


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