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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peace of Mind: How Do You Meditate?

I think most moms have heard, read or seen "Eat, Pray, Love" based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert.  As a mother of three children ranging in age from 12 to 18, I just could not get passed the eating part of the story since I barely have enough time to meditate.  Elizabeth's life is just so far removed from the life I lead as a mother to three daughters, wife to a high-tech VP-of-sales husband, let alone get my blogging and photography businesses (check out our latest, Moms Who Click) off the ground with my business partner/friend.

Most moms can relate.  Our lives are less like "Eat, Pray, Love" and more like "EAT (as in kids, EAT what's on your plate), PLAY (NO TV, Get Out and PLAY), MOVE (Hurry Up, MOVE IT or we're GONNA BE LATE)!

With the stress level at a fever pitch during Back-To-School season, what do YOU do to De-Stress?  Check out this fun new site called The Skinny Scoop.  They wonder, "Do you regularly carve out time to meditate and get some "Me" time?"  (See the new Skinny badge on our side bar!)

Until recently, the best I could do was take my golden retriever, Koa, out for a long walk.  Not only is she getting a good workout, but I get to walk and get away from the fray.  But recently I added Pilates to my regime and I have to say I love it.  It's so good for me and it is the one thing I do for myself on a weekly basis.  I don't always relish going, but after my hour of Pilates is through, I'm always glad I went.  I get to hang out with a dear friend in the process, and our instructor also subs as our therapist.  So it's a great hour of friendship and exercise.

Pilates is an amazing form of exercise that not only gives you a great workout (and with the jumping part, great cardio, too), but it works out all of the kinks and stresses from my muscles like a deep massage would.  But I'm getting a workout while doing it.  And, I'm actually getting Peace of Mind because it calms my inner thoughts as it helps me breath and work on my core, similar to yoga.

One of these days I'm going to have my husband try Pilates with me.  It will be great for the two of us.  And then we'll be able to cross "Pray" off the list.  Perhaps he'll be in such a good mood afterwards he'll wisk me off and take me to go EAT dinner, and maybe have some hot Lovin'!  Whew - it's worth the thought.

When Tina is not busy writing, she's in the throes of working on her photography businesses, Picture This! Fundraising and Case Rust Photography.  Check out their latest blogging venture Moms Who Click as it tracks our adventure building our business one click at a time.

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