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Friday, October 1, 2010

Laughs. Lipstick. & Lashes

This week I went to a fun event at Benefit cosmetics.  It was a Mom's Night Out beauty party that was auctioned off at my kid's school last spring.    

Imagine......wine, cheese, and 8 women who rarely wear make up.  Let's just say it was an evening filled with laughs, lipstick and lashes.  

And when I say lashes, I mean false eyelashes.  That was the "treatment" of choice.   We each took our turn sitting in the chair as the make-up artists carefully applied each tiny cluster of lashes to our lids (with glue!).   

Our eyes may have watered throughout the process but it was worth the tears.  Because when all was said and done we each got up batting our extremely, long lashes looking very Snuffleupagus-like.  And I gotta say, I LOVE Em.  

Forget mascara, eyeliner or lipstick.  My new beauty favorite is false eyelashes!!!   For $38 a pop, you too can create a breeze with your lashes and give butterfly kisses from 2 feet away.  The key is figuring out a way to make them last--supposedly up to 3 weeks.  

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