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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rally Dog Champion of the Universe: Making a Splash

Day 3:  We've had Rally a total of three days now, he was brought to our home on Thursday afternoon. 

Rally continues to adjust and adapt quickly.  I think FOOD is his biggest motivator right now. 

If you haven't read my previous entries, Rally was adopted by us after our friend, Kevin, passed away from melanoma.  Rally is an eight year old black labrador retriever. 

As you can see in the photo, he's testing the waters out.  Our other dog, Koa, is watching from the sidelines, still checking Rally out and making sure he does not take the spotlight from her.  But all-in-all, they are adjusting well to each other and have similar mellow and low-key dispositions. 
After eating breakfast or dinner (two meal-a-day dogs), they finish up their bowl of kibble and then check each other's bowls out to see if by chance, a morsel of food was left behind.  Of course there's not a speck of kibble at either bowl, but they lick each other's bowl all the same.

Twice a day they get a nice, long walk after their meals and do their business.  We are able to have Rally off-leash now once we reach our railroad area he roams free like Koa.  He knows to come when we call him because there is a treat awaiting his return.  We're teaching him to "Sit", "Stay" at every intersection, and when we call out "Cross", we let him cross the street like Koa does.  He's beginning to get the hang of it, he's a smart dog.

Having only had a female dog up until now, we are new to the "leaving a scent" behind by Rally.  Wherever Koa pees, Rally has to pee on top of her urine to leave his scent.  And he can pee like a horse, on and on (and on and on).  But he's good indoors.  No scent dropping there.

He sleeps on the bedding he had at Kevin's home, and that makes him very comfortable.  He likes to go there and he sleeps the night away on his comfortable blanket and pillow.

All-in-all, he's adjusting incredibly well, and so are we.  We love him and hope Kevin can see that he's being well cared for.

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