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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rally: A Full Week at Home

It's been nearly one full week since Rally integrated himself into our home and into our hearts. He's blended wonderfully considering we already have Koa, our five year old golden retriever.

Immediately he got the lay of the land. He has been ready to please and happy to be with people.

Over the weekend the girls gave him a nice bath while Koa supervised. Koa had her bath first, and was more than happy to hand over the hose to Rally.

The two dogs were a bit cautious with one another, but not overly so. While we've had a number of other dogs overnight because the girls have a pet sitting business, Rally never once laid a paw on Koa's bedding like the other dogs have. He seems to respect that. And neither has Koa checked out or slept on Rally's bedding. I think they both know we are a two-dog home now.

Yesterday, for the first time, the two dogs actually played with one another. Koa found a stuffed animal and the two played tug-of-war. And as you can see in the photo to the right, they both walk nicely together during our regular "after-breakfast" stroll. It's great, I love walking the two dogs and they just stroll down the street together until we get to the railroad behind our house and are set free to sniff and search as they please.

Both dogs are food lovers and it's easy to train them because they are so food motivated. Rally definitely loves food more than Koa, but it's a close race.

My middle daughter caught Rally curled up and snuggled on the chair where I sit and write during the day. I had my laptop in such a position that it looked like Rally was doing his own blogging.
So far, so good. We're all happy campers, and Rally, our new addition, is truly part of our family now.

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