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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Rally: Kevin's Pup Makes His Way Into Our Hearts

Is it possible for a dog, who has been under our roof for only two weeks, to fit in to the rhythm of our family so well? Rally, Dog Champion of the Universe (his full legal name), came into our home two weeks plus a few days ago. 

Kevin Farley loved Rally to the utmost.  Rally was his baby.  Rally was his steadfast companion and adoring black Labrador retriever.  Wherever Kevin was, there you'd often find Rally.  And that included the office where Kevin worked.  Rally would sit under Kevin's desk and take a nap while Kevin worked.  His desk also happened to be next to the kitchen.  Rally made lots of good friends who would sneak tasty treats to him on the sly (or in the open). 

Rally would attend meetings at work, often unbeknownst to colleagues who were surprised after the meeting that Rally was laying under the conference table the whole time.  Rally is so well behaved for the most part and unassuming, so similar to Kevin.

After Kevin passed away (far too young, far too soon), Rally entered our lives.  It hasn't taken long for Rally to fully tug at our hearts and be so loved.  We have not had one single hiccup in his integration into our home.  Our dog Koa was a bit tentative at first, but for the most part they both know their place in the family and respect each other's territory. 

We have a great routine now.  Our youngest daughter feeds breakfast to both Koa and Rally every morning.  She teaches them good manners by having them "sit" and "stay" until they are properly called by name to their foodbowl upon which they both eat with gusto. 

I take them for a morning walk for about one to one and a half miles.  They are mostly off leash and free to explore.  Rally is learning to wait at the intersection before crossing.  We reward him with a treat when he follows our command at the street to cross.

He has a great spring to his stride, and is often ahead of Koa, who is three years younger.  We learned that Rally likes to take his leash in his mouth.  So we sometimes have him "walk" Koa, as he takes her leash in his mouth as we walk down the street before we let them both off leash.

He is very attached to me since I'm the one who's home a great deal of the day.  He's become my shadow in more ways than one.  Since he's so black, I cannot see him and nearly fell to the ground when I discovered he snuck into our bedroom at night and was sleeping right next to my bed. 

He also likes to sneak up on my favorite chair where I write during the day.  My middle daughter caught him (we don't allow our pets on the furniture) and it looked like he was working on my computer, probably looking online for more food.

He has found his favorite place to sleep and hang out during the day.  He loves to look out the window and take naps on the window seat with nice thick cushions.  It's a great perch for him as he can see all the action outside and see me as I type away.

All in all, Rally has made his way into our home, and definitely, into our hearts.

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