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Monday, October 25, 2010


Last night I had a hard time falling asleep.  You would have thought I'd be out like a light once my head hit the pillow given that the night before we co-hosted an Oktoberfest party, but I couldn't nod off.  I kept thinking about how fortunate I am to have such wonderful, giving, and active parents.

My parents were here from the Midwest to help out with the Oktoberfest party that we co-hosted along with some terrific friends.  It was a school fundraising event that was auctioned off last spring and raised over $1500.  Hooray!  

Anyway, my fantastic German parents came out to help us get ready for the event and lend a bit of authenticity to the food and atmosphere.   My mom who is the Martha Stewart of the Midwest helped me decorate the house and create a festive biergarten (she schlepped out 8 boxes of rope lights) not to mention she whipped up 10 lbs of potato salad and an entire pot full of kasespatzle (my favorite dish growing up).

My dad was busy getting the place in shape for the festivities too.  He fixed all the loose boards in my fence, changed the lights on my outdoor fixtures, assembled a heating lamp and painted my side door hours before our guests arrived.  He even ordered a bunch of our favorite German sausages from Schmeissers deli in Niles, Illinois and carried the smoked goods on the plane with him.

Who has parents who do stuff like this?  Am I lucky or what? 

While I am forever grateful for all of their help and enthusiasm to make our event a success, I'm most appreciative of the fact that they were here to meet my friends and enjoy the fun.  I feel so fortunate to be able to share these experiences with them and to create these fantastic memories.  I am uber-blessed!

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  1. You are uber blessed, but so are they to have such a wonderful daughter!


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