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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Hey, Where's My Signature?

Hey, Where's My Signature?

One of my twin boys fractured his wrist (playing soccer) and he has had a lot of classmates sign his cast. His brother noticed that kids have been writing over his signature and now wants a do-over.  


  1. Wordless means wordless. I know... I cheated a little this week too LOL

  2. I never get the wordless thing down so no worries! :=) Love this picture! Great memory to capture. Your boys are too cute!!

  3. I know, I couldn't help but cheat. The backstory was too good! :)

  4. The backstory adds so much to the photo that it's okay!

    It's funny how little photos can explain so much about the world.

    Here's my WW:


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