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Monday, November 1, 2010

Disney's Tangled! Enter To Win Tangled T-Shirts & Silly Bandz Giveaway!!

Halloween 2010 is over, so what's next?  It's time for the holiday movies to begin!  Our family cannot wait to see Disney's newest animated big screen movie, "Tangled".  Based on the fable "Rapunzel", "Tangled" takes a whole new twist to the maiden locked in the tower with the long golden braids of hair. 

The voices of Mandy Moore and Zach Levi take on the lead characters.  Zach Levi lends his voice to the male character, Flynn Rider, the kingdom's most wanted, but charming bandit.  Mandy Moore emotes the character of Rapunzel, the fabled teen with the golden 70-foot mane of golden tresses who has been locked up in a tower by a wicked enchantress, Mother Gothel, who stole Rapunzel when she was a baby. 

The movie has all of the charm of a Disney animated classic.  While the technology behind the animation has made incredible leaps, you can still see the wonderful and familiar style that has made Disney animation so enduring and endearing.

Parent Grapevine is excited to have a wonderful giveaway wrapped around this movie.  Between November 1 and November 24, Parent Grapevine will be giving away TWO wonderful bundles consisting of three T-shirts (one of each character - Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and Pascal, Rapunzel's color-changing chameleon) with 3 silly bandz packs. 

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this blog with a way for us to contact you.  In your comment tell us about your most memorable or favorite Disney animated movie of all time.  Tangled just happens to be Disney's 50th animated full-length movie!

One entry per person.  However there is a way to get another entry by subscribing to our blog.  Send your second comment to us letting us know you're a subscriber and we'll enter your name in twice for the contest.

The random drawing will be held on November 24th and we will announce our two winners right after Thanksgiving, on November 26th.  We will do our best to get your t-shirt sizes.  We do not have flexibility in changing the characters on the shirts. 


  1. The Lion King is my favorite. Great music, great story, classic Disney.

    Not sure why I wasn't already subscribed - but I am now. :-)


  2. Hands down Snow White is my most favorite Disney movie


  3. we took 8 kids and 7 adults to see toy story 3 in the theater in 3D. seeing a whole row of kids with their glasses on was hilarious. everyone had a phenomenal time--we all still talk about it. can't wait to get the DVD too!


  4. i subscribe through google reader...


  5. I love everything about Lion King - the story, the music...it's definitely my "feel-good" movie.

  6. Wow, I can't believe this is Disney's 50th! Our family's current favorite has to be Sleeping Beauty. But my daughters are so excited to see Tangled. A new favorite might be coming right up....


    Subscribed via google reader :)

  7. My favorite Disney animated movie is Beauty and The Beast. A lover of books, Belle is a great heroine for me. The music is terrific, and the animation and music always lure me into the story again and again.


  8. Wow, that's a tough call. SO many DIsney movies have meant so much to me for different reasons over the course of my life. But I'd have to say the one with the message that has spoken to me the most (partly because I idolized Walk Disney when I was a kid) was Meet the Robinsons. Though my kids saw it long before I did, once I did actually sit and watch it with them I found the message to be so universal and so perfect for kids AND adults. :-)

  9. I also subscribed via email. :-)

  10. my favorite disney movie is an oldie but a goodie - winnie the pooh. my kids love it too. can't wait to see tangled!

  11. My favorite Disney movie is Snow White. It was the first movie I ever saw and my grandmother took me. I would love to win this prize, because Tangled will be my daughters first movie! Thank you!! Jeanine
    email jeanine215@hotmail.com

  12. Can't wait to see the movie. Love a movie I can take the kids to and not wish I was somewhere else:)

  13. Favorite Disney animated feature, the first ever full-length, Snow White! I just watched it with my son for the first time, recently. paige(underscore)grande(at)yahoo.com

  14. I subscribed to your blog! =)

  15. Although I have many favorites, I would say that "Mulan" is my all-time favorite. Mulan is a great role model for young girls and there are comical as well as "goosebump" moments in the film. Loved it!


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