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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parent Grapevine: Holiday Gift Guide 2010 & Giveaways!

Our Parent Grapevine 2010 Holiday Gift Guide is here.  Click on the individual photos for more shopping information, and see the descriptions below as well.  We will be adding more items to this list but in the meantime, tell us what's on YOUR shopping list for the holidays?  We'll be having a drawing for a Jabra Cruiser2, Jabra Extreme Wireless Headset, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Ninetendo DS, & LEGO Universe starting "BLACK FRIDAY" so check these items out and enter NEXT WEEK!!

Parent Grapevine is happy to introduce our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1!  We will be showing an array of products we have either tested, used, want, need or recommend to our family and friends.  We tried to find a selection in this first Holiday Gift Guide that are under $50.00.  Some even have a great cause they contribute to.  Check it out, and then head over to our Amazon.com link to make your purchases.  What's on your list for the holidays?

Here's what you'll find (for more details, click on any of the photos above and it will take you to a Flickr link for more details on each item including price and where to purchase.
  1. Disney's "Tangled" - Take your family to the movies!  Our entire family loved this latest Disney animated musical.  This is Disney's 50th full-length animated movie.  The special effects, music, characters and story are pure Disney at its best. 
  2. LEGO my LEGO - WE LOVE LEGO!!  We have TWO Lego games we are featuring; Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (available in multiple platforms), and the NEW Lego Universe (a Massively Multiplayer Online Game).  Click on the links in the photo slideshow above for more details.  We'll have some to GIVEAWAY starting next week!
  3. Photo Key Chains - Because my blogging partner and I are photographers, we LOVE this great key chain that you can slip two nice sized photos of your loves ones.  Support finding the cause and a cure for breast cancer with this item. This keychain is small, yet durable and is a great way to have those must-see pictures at your fingertips at all times. This makes a great stocking stuffer, at only $5 a piece. $2 goes to breast cancer awareness. http://www.bonton.com/
  4. Macaron Cafe - These macarons are hand-made, and Chef Cecile Cannone select with great care her raw products. Almonds comes from Californian orchards, butter is European Style, flowers extract from south of France. Find these at http://www.macaroncafe.com/, $25.00
  5. Wall Decal Photo Frames - Check out these fantastically reusable frames that you simply stick on the wall along with your photos. We have a bit of a thing for simple things that let you change up the photos in your home quickly and without fuss.  Each pack contains eight stylish frames cut from pliable, premium vinyl. (The same material used to make high-quality wall decals.) The low-tack adhesive sticks to your walls or windows but is a cinch to take off and re-apply. And it won't damage walls or paint.  It's the fastest way to frame your photos. Find these at www.photojojo.com/store. $20 for a pack of 8 frames.
  6. Camera Lens Mug - Both "Nikon" and "Canon" mug models are equipped with an easy to clean, heat preserving, stainless steel lining. Also, a lens-cap lid, rubber-grip focus and zoom rings, and an auto-focus switch that actually switches! To top it off, the "Nikon" mug zooms when you twist it's grip.  Consider yourself set for all future fellow photo friends' birthdays/graduations/weddings/long-lost-sibling-reunions! It's the best gift they'll get! www.photojojo.com/store. $24.00, Canon, $30.00 Nikon.
  7. Epiphanie (Camera) Bag - (Camera) is in parentheses because it is so stylish anyone would love this bag. However, it is meant not only for the fashionista, but for your stylish photographer. These waterproof bags come in a variety of styles and colors, and range in price from $165-$190. http://www.epiphaniebags.com/.
  8. Jabra Headsets and Speaker Phone - we have a variety of Jabra products we just LOVE!.  From the Jabra Cruiser 2, to the Jabra Stone2 and in between, Parent Grapevine LOVES Jabra hands free devices for the Mobile Mom and Dad!
  9. Bling Bling - Crystal-Sprinkled Pearl Bracelet - A new, modern way to wear pearls that combines classic and casual: a dashing, dumpling-like cluster of pearls with loose crystals sprinkled throughout and tiny fabric bows for added texture. Hand-set glass stones and glass pearls in a gunmetal-plated (rose dust) or dark gold ox-plated (pearl) metal casting and brass chain. Signature spring clasp closure. Import. Length: 8". Catalog http://www.jcrew.com/ only.  Limited time for $39.99!
  10. Sunnan Lamp - For the college student, or for your own desk, these stylish lamps not only come in a variety of great popping colors, but are so affordable at $20 you may buy more than one. Found at http://www.ikea.com/.

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  1. Some beautiful ideas, here, thank you! Sticking to the classics, Chess is a great way to help build planning, problem-solving, and pattern-recognition skills -- and it's something you can do together! A board and chessmen of one's own -- be it a simple travel kit or one the elaborate themed chess sets available -- can be the perfect incentive to take up the game, either after a lifetime or for the first time.


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