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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shrek--Big, Fat, Fun!

Last week I took my 9 year old twins boys out of school early (shhh, don't tell) to see the national tour of Shrek the Musical at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco and it was full of big, fat, fun!

It was hard for me to imagine how they would turn this beloved movie into a live performance but once the curtain was raised,  I was immediately transported to Shrek's swamp and Duloc.

The show has it's hokey moments but overall is very clever and fresh.  It brings the movie to life but has its own unique twists and turns.  We learn the backstory of Shrek and Fiona and see all of our favorite fairytale misfits.

The character that stole the show for me was Lord Farquaad, with his skinny, little legs and narcissistic attitude.  My kids loved Donkey's wise cracking lines and Shrek's belching and farting (yep, there is a whole song dedicated to that).

Shrek the Musical has humor that appeals to both kids (the burping and farting) and adults (a little Basic Instinct parody) but the main message is it is o.k. to be different.  You gotta love a musical with a number like  "Let your freak flag fly!"   And yes, they were selling them after the show!

Note:  I was invited to a Mommy Blogging Event and was provided 4 tickets for the show.  I proudly wear my Shrek ears and yes, I let my freak flag fly!

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