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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mr. Mac Ipad: My High Tech Affair

I'm cheating beyond cheating.  With the sleek Mr. Mac Ipad.  Have you seen or touched him yourself?  Do you have a Mr. Ipad in your life too?
If course I'm talking about my Apple iPad.  He's one of my favorite purchases of all time, my hands are all over him and it's making my iPhone jealous especially when I bring him to bed at night.  I mean, come on - he's so easy to turn on.  Instant on.  And I can mute him at anytime.  Sure the iPhone could do all that - but size does matter.

What is surprising is my husband is the one who encouraged me to get my first ilove toy, my iPhone.  Before I had my iPhone I was a content and happy wife and mother with my simple Nokia flip phone for years and years.  But then, two years ago when I had the iPhone in my hands I became an instant Mobile Mom.  My life changed and I was able to be instantly gratified and plugged in to email, games, music, Netflix - and a camera to take all sorts of incriminating photos and videos. 

But that's not the worst of it.  I'm cheating on my PC.  I've been a loyal PC user for years, aferall I worked at Hewlett-Packard for 24 of them.  Sacre Blue

Here's what I love about Mr. iPad:
  1. He really is turned on quite easily.  And he can stay turned on for HOURS!  Literally HOURS, we're talking 10 solid hours of Netflix, email, browsing, wordprocessing, gaming, reading, learning and more.  No booting required.  Hooray!
  2. He's sleek and stylish.  Mr. Ipad is SOOOO easy on the eyes.  So much so it's hard for me to take my eyes off of him.  He may be small enough to carry around but he's a sleek little fellow with a clear gaze and nice smooth rear end.
  3. He's so HIP.  With enough apps to reach to Pluto and back, Mr. iPad keeps me entertained for hours.  I never tire of him.  There are apps for everyone, from my friend's three-year old who's learning to read to, well, possibly my 83-year-old mother if I ever let her try it out.  But I'm too busy using it all day.
  4. He helps me show off my work.  As a photographer Mr. iPad is my assistant, helping me show off my work to new clients.  He's so organized and he just lights up a room when he enters. 
You know I think I could go on and on, there's so much to  love about Mr. iPad.  But I don't want to humiliate anyone else in my life too much.  How's your high tech affair going?  Time to covet your own Mr. iPad?

P.S.  My husband is having his own affair, with ain't Ms. Behavin' Taylor Guitar!  She's more shapely than I am, and he's strumming her like there's no tomorrow.
Ain't Ms. Behavin' Taylor Guitar

1 comment:

  1. made me laugh! and I do not have an iPad but I do cheat too... my high tech affair until I get an iPad is with my laptop...


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